For the first time ever, the world’s greatest MIND MYSTIFIERS meet on one stage

A onetime opportunity to explore the mysteries of the human mind in a live spectacle where you will be baffled and inspired beyond belief.

You will be taken on a journey into the powers of the human mind, challenging your logic and questioning science while being entertained with humor and audience interaction!

As each Mentalist performs you will be enlightened and bewildered at the phenomenal power of the Human Mind.  You will witness a series of Mind feats including Mind Reading, Telekinesis, Predictions, Hypnosis and even for the first time ever on a live stage… a man will stop his heart for a record time.


Performing for the first time together in this new production, four internationally- acclaimed mentalists, who have been seen on NBC, FOX, CNN, BRAVO, HISTORY, DISCOVERY & UNIVISION, among others, demonstrate the phenomenal power of the mind via Telekinesis, Hypnosis, Mind Reading and Predictions, leaving audiences enlightened and enthralled!

The Kinetic Man

The Psychic Duo

The Hypno-Comic

For over 30 years Guy Bavli, known as the “Kinetic Man” astonished audience’s world wide with his Telekinesis Skills. Named a Super Human by the History Channel show “Stan Lee’s Super Human” and featured in over 400 television shows, performed in 50 countries and  has headlined at some of the most prestigious venues around the world, including 1200 shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.


Bavli consistently delivers an interactive entertainment experience that will inspire you with his humor, mystery and amazing feats of the mind, taking Telekinesis into the future!

The Evasons are regarded as the best two-person telepathy act in the world. Since 1983 they’ve appeared in more than 35 countries and on network TV specials.  They’re one of very few couples who still travel around the globe to carry on the unique and mysterious tradition known as Second Sight.

Jeff & Tessa engage random volunteers throughout the audience who offer personal items to use as focus points of concentration. With uncanny accuracy, Tessa describes their objects and delivers amazing clairvoyant readings that literally makes people gasp with surprise!

See why FOX Television called The Evasons "The most amazing mind reading act you will ever see!" and Penn & Teller declared “This act is so good! Just breathtaking!  Never seen better.”

For almost 3 decades, Dale K has entertained and educated audiences from around the world with his contemporary approach to the art of hypnosis. Hollywood’s fabricated theory of hypnosis usually involves lightning bolts, zombie like trances and humans clucking like chickens. During his performances, Dale challenges these theories proving that hypnosis is simply the power of suggestion that consists of mind “motivation” rather than mind “control” 

Using his creative abilities and abstract sense of humor, Dale K produces hypnosis demonstrations that are professional, unconventional and always hilarious. He is a hypnosis consultant for NBC and MTV, hypnotizing over Million people world wide. Get ready to jump on stage and volunteer so you can experience what hypnosis really is.


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